The Australian Bush Flower Essences are now being offered as part of the Northwest Bowen System of Healing.

They are botanical flower essences that have been created here in Australia and are used all over the world to help assist individuals and their families with the demands of everyday life. 

Just as good food and water have essential minerals and vitamins to sustain our systems, the Australian Bush Flower Essences have properties to bring about more balance and calm to help manage the demands of everyday living.

30 minute or 1hr consults are now available in person, by phone or skype to ensure the most suitable.  


 Example Essences


Australian Bush Flower Essence, Five Corners

Five Corners is a beautiful Australian Bush Flower Essence helping to soothe pain in all its forms bringing about positive feelings and love of self. 


Australian Bush Flower Essence, Crowea

One of the great balancers of the essences and particularly wonderful for the treatment of headaches as it brings calm and true centering.


Australian Bush Flower Essence, Sturt Desert Pea 

One of the most powerful of all the blends and like so many of the Bush Essences, can help individuals to bring about amazing changes in their life.