Transforming Families with Bowen

When asked about Bowen Therapy, I’ve heard through my clients that they tell people, ‘oh, she does a flick here and a flick there, truthfully, I don’t know what she does but hey, it works and my child is doing better’.


A number of clients acknowledge that Bowen is the last port of call after a long line of specialist appointments, ongoing treatment and fees that any parent is naturally willing to pay, praying their child receives the support needed to thrive in the world.

Bowen Therapy helps to release physical tension in the body.  With this, there is often a corresponding psychological and emotional release which can vary in intensity from person to person.

These releases or rapid changes require an adjustment period particularly if the condition has been a dominant focus within the family system.  This can cause not only relief and celebration but anxiety too.

All too often I am told by family members after a significant life altering change to the client in question, ‘be careful what you wish for’ as initially it can be from one extreme to another  (a child who once struggled to speak when now it's full blown chatter) prior to levelling itself out.

These sometimes dramatic changes can be testing but be assured, at Northwest Bowen, we provide support to families as well as work collaboratively with other Healthcare Professionals to provide continuity of care to help sustain optimum health and wellbeing.

Genine HillComment