How Bowen Therapy Can Help with Anxiety

Anxiety surfaces when a person is stressed or worried.

Being anxious is a normal reaction of our brain in response to a threat, be it a real or imagined one.

In fact, a majority of the people suffer from anxiety when they’re feeling under pressure.

While stress can be a helpful factor that keeps us motivated and active in difficult situations, too much stress thwarts our body’s ability to work at its optimum. anxiety treatment natural.jpg

So, how can you combat anxiety from putting a damper on your life? One way to do that is to practice a bodywork therapy called ‘Bowen Therapy.

Read on to know the five ways this kind of therapy can overturn your anxiety problem.

1. Bowen calms your nervous system

Bowen therapy is a gentle bodywork technique wherein patients can have them either bare or clothed, whichever they prefer. This technique minimizes the use of hands on the body so therapists will only be doing a couple of small moves on your body. After which, they will take their hands off you and your body will do the rest of the work.

These subtle and gentle movements will communicate with your body’s nerve receptors in order to calm your nervous system. Simply put, the Bowen moves will take your body from a fight/flight state to a calm and relax condition.

2. Bowen promotes natural body healing and repair

Not only do you mind calms down with Bowen therapy, but it also relaxes your muscles and tendons in response to your ‘now relaxed’ state of mind. When your body gradually returns to its normal state, it will respond more effectively to the subtle moves from the Bowen therapy, thus, allowing your body to speed up its healing and repair processes.

3. Bowen ‘commands’ our brain to turn off the stress response

The Bowen movements will work directly with our brain to send signals to your body to let go of the accumulated tension, stress, and anxiousness all the while reverting your body back to the original state you have stored inherently in your brains.

This bodywork uses rolling movements using a finger and thumb and applies them on your muscles, tendons, and fascia, which eventually, causes your body to release all the stress buried inside you.

4. Bowen improves your digestive health

Digestive problems diarrhea, weight issues, and hormonal imbalance are some of the common physical symptoms of anxiety. The more stressed you are, the more your body becomes weak at naturally absorbing food nutrients.

With Bowen therapy, you can help your body achieve a healthy immune system and get rid of toxins. If you can maintain a stress-free life, then it could greatly reduce your chance of suffering from those digestive issues.

5. Bowen helps alleviate headaches and migraines

While headaches and migraines are often times caused by hormone-related problems, stress can also strongly trigger them. By undergoing Bowen therapy, it will relax your body and get rid of the tension in your neck and shoulders. It also facilitates in bringing your body back to its ideal hormonal and metabolic balance.


For the most part, anxious feelings typically recede once the stressful situation has disappeared. However, if those feelings don’t pass and continue to linger for some reasons, then it could potentially make your daily life extremely difficult.

In this case, do not hesitate to try on manual therapies like the Bowen.

Genine HillComment