Detective Bowen


And you thought Northwest Bowen was about Bowen Therapy, right? Well, technically, yes, that’s true, but really, we are detectives, detectives who decode the body’s messages to help people create pain free and relaxed lives.  There is a language that the body speaks to us in and its called symptoms. Symptoms communicate - be it through their very nature, effects and the changes they often require of us.

Symptom is a Greek word 'syn' meaning together and 'piptein' meaning fall. Interesting to note that the difficulties and dysfunctionality along with issues may well have been evident days, months, years before ‘falling together’ to manifest the symptom.

When people book into Northwest Bowen, time is taken to explore medical/health history. By paying attention to the ‘symptom’ and its effect, we are able to learn and understand how each individual expresses themselves. This helps us to explore and to ascertain the potential cause(s) underpinning the presenting symptom(s). This approach often uncovers the key to healing.

When Tanya came to the clinic with an undiagnosed back condition, there were numerous factors contributing from postural alignment to decreased range of mobility but the underpinning factor causing the pain was the unexpressed grief related to her father’s passing. Tanya maintained the position of carer for the family so her grieving was put on the ‘back’ shelf so to speak. For 9 months her body frequently reminded her that she hadn’t expressed her feelings about Dad’s passing and when she finally gave herself the opportunity to grief, the back pain disappeared permanently.

At Northwest Bowen you’ll be given tools to decipher your body’s remarkable ability to communicate as well as the opportunity to uncover these messages to support you to move beyond the pain and to live a relaxed and healthy life.   

For more information on becoming pain free, contact Detective Bowen Inspector Genine at Northwest Bowen on 0415 703 725 for a free 15 minute phone consultation.  And if you believe this post can help a family member, friend or acquaintance please forward onto them.

Thank you.

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About Genine

Genine is a Bowen Therapist in Sydney and has trained and worked within the natural therapies industry for over 20 years and helps people to relax and manage stress in simple, practical ways.  She is a qualified Bowen Specialist, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Teacher. 

Genine works with clients both privately in Frenchs Forest, Norwest and within the Medical system (Maternity/Birthing Centre, Palliative Care, Geriatric and Intensive Care).  She supports those seeking relief from stress, trauma, injuries, cancer, recovery from surgery, depression, anxiety, learning, speech and behavioral issues.   Genine has been described as a caring and professional therapist, offering clients a truly holistic experience.

Telephone: 0415 703 725