5 Ways To Know You're Making Great Choices In Life


Recently someone told me they had made a major life decision with their head and not their heart.  The decision was made out of a sense of obligation and duty. I remember pointing to their heart and saying ‘what is that telling you’? I was met with, ‘that doesn’t matter’.

I keep thinking about this predicament. The suffering and pain that comes with doubt and uncertainty. I was reminded of the phrase, ‘choose your choice’.  

Spiritual teacher, Ram Dass talks about decisions saying that no decision you make is wrong because it takes you on a path designed to help you grow.  I suspect from my own experiences, and those of others, that the path chosen really highlights fear or love.

Are we making decisions from a space of fear or love? Truth or deception? Ego or spirit?
If the choices we made are never mistakes then what if each decision only leads to greater growth?  Coming from this viewpoint allows us the space to make decisions without fear or regret.

However what if the growth can be made better by a space of truth, infused by our spirit and guided by love?

There’s an acceptance when believing in your choices.

No matter the choice, go in with a full heart.

5 Ways to Know You’re Making great choices in life

  1. When your head and heart are in alignment - you feel clear and calm and energised

  2. When people query your choices and you don’t feel the need to justify your choice

  3. When you have faith that whatever occurs as a result of your decision that you’ve got this

  4. Making the right decision for yourself tends to reap benefits for everyone else involved - a happier you has a ripple effect

  5. You go in with a full heart and fully participant in life giving your all


About Genine

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