Pain is a Teacher

Pain is a Teacher

People come to my practice because they are experiencing pain of some description.  They want relief.  They want wellness.  They want to relax.  And I’m guessing you’re reading this post because you too are experiencing pain in your life and want it to be different.  Some of my clients want relief now and for the pain to stop immediately which is very natural and a normal response.  In most cases, this does happen.  However, there are some cases where painful conditions are not so quickly healed.

For those chronic pain conditions I think we need to appreciate that the western formula of the pill popping, quick fix solution is not enough nor is it the answer.  More often than not, the chronic condition has developed over a long period of time and has only been addressed on a symptomatic level.  What does this mean?  In western medicine, we are taught to view the body systems independently and focus on the presenting condition as an approach to diagnosis and treatment.  This is often a useful and necessary process.  However, in chronic cases, it is not.  I have found that significant clues to the healing process are neglected and the pain continues as does our addiction to medicines, pills etc to keep it at bay.  And then what happens 3 months, 6, 9 or 2, 10, 20 years later?  Are we any better?  Not usually.  Have our chronic conditions manifested into degenerative or even terminal?  Quite possibly, yes.  So then what happens?  More treatment, more pills, more time off work, more shouting at the kids, pressure, unhappiness, depression – more pills? Sounding familiar? Is this really the way we want to live, really? 

I believe long term health and healing comes with a wholistic approach.  Picture an old, tatty house in your mind.  Renovating that house with its lousy foundations won’t solve the underlying issues.  Sure, it will look good for a time but eventually the cracks show, old piping causes all sorts of problems and a heck of a lot of time, money and frustration goes into resolving the long term issues.  It’s no different when treating a chronic condition with a symptomatic approach.   

In my practice we focus on you!  All of you!  From my experience, a chronic condition is a gift, a signal and gateway to help us discover unresolved pain from past events.  These events stay in the body playing out over and over and over like an ambulance siren ‘pain’, ‘pain’, ‘pain’, ‘alert’, ‘alert’, ‘alert’, on and on and it keeps going on until we are prepared to stop, listen, learn, accept and finally do what is necessary to heal.    

I am no stranger to chronic pain…  Twenty three years ago I developed glandular fever.  I didn’t get better.  I was 16 years old and couldn’t get out of bed.  My 4ft 10 petite mother had to carry me back and forth to the bathroom several times a day; spoon feed me, massaged my agonizingly painful limbs and prayed that her otherwise vibrant, energetic daughter would return.  Life drained out of my body and I recall saying that ‘this is what it must feel like to be 90 years old on your death bed’.  I really thought I was dying.  Several specialists later and I was diagnosed with at that time, a rare condition called an auto immune dis-ease otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue.  The specialist told us there was nothing more he could do for me and sent us home.  I was bedridden, depressed and resigned to an illness with no ‘cure’…  It took 9 months of rest, healing, vitamins, healthy diet and home schooling before a full recovery took place.

Twenty three years later with a lot more life experience, a few more episodes of the disorder, ongoing healing and professional training, I came to understand why this had happened to me.  I was exposed to a great deal of pain, anxiety and trauma as a child, causing my body to live in a perpetual state of ‘fight or flight’ and eventually developed burn out, break down and absolute exhaustion.  These childhood experiences and chronic fatigue catalyzed my journey into recovery and continue to serve me as valuable reminders about what’s truly important in life – self-love, acceptance, joy, wisdom, health/healing and purpose.  As a result, I remain forever faithful to and an advocate of the body’s inherent wisdom and remarkable ability to heal it Self.

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